Africa Private Villa Project

Africa Private Villa Project

2021 Tajikistan Luxury Palace Project

2020 Africa Private Villa Project

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This luxury private villa is located in near the sea in Sierra Leone, Africa. It occupies 700 m²for individual apartment and has 2 floors and one swimming pool. In this project, we provide 3D rendering for swimming pool and interior, materials of marble tile, mosaic, ceiling and wooden door, as well as request from client that asking us to arrange workers for future installation at side. That’s one stop solution, PFM did!

  • Time:2020
  • Location:  Africa
  • Duration: ongoing project
  • Area:  800 m²
  • Material:  Marble waterjet , Marble, Wooden Door, PU wall panel
  • Application: Living room, Master bedroom, Diningroom, Swimming Pool Area
swimming pool design
marble flooring plan
wooden door design
solid wood door
marble waterjet medallion flooring
marble waterjet medallion flooring
white quartz countertop
white onyx bar countertop
bathroom marble wall and floor decor
modern style bedroom design