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Chechnya Fountain & Decoration

Chechnya Fountain&Decoratione

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Our Grozny (Chechnya)project customer ordered a large fountain with installation. After seeing our hard work and dedication, they release ordered two swimming pools, and ten sets of bathroom marble material; with installation work. 

We helped to update the original 3D design and shop drawings for the customer. Our experienced designer turned the medallion pattern from design into a real product. Combining different natural stone colors together, to reflect the design spirit. 

We also sent our engineer to the site; to do the field measurements. Ensuring each corner was a perfect match. Commitment, responsibility and efficiency is and will always be PFM's belief.

  • Location: Grozny Chechnya,Russia
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Area: 3300 m²
  • Material: Chinese white marble,Chinese yabai white marble,Spain cream marfil,Apple green onyx,Rosa levanto marble,Marble medallion
  • Application: Water fountain,Fireplace,Interior flooring&wall,Interior columns,Swimming pool,Inlay bathtub steps