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Bab Al Amoud Restaurant

Bab Al Amoud Restaurant Project

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Bab Al Amoud restaurant is located in Al Hazm Mall, Doha, Qatar. It is a grand, highend restaurant. Where modern luxury meets the traditional aesthetic. With various aspects of architectural elements, stories, and of course the cuisine itself.

The client's designer made his revision after he visited our showroom in Guangzhou, China. He accepted our material suggestions. Making the project more than ideal. We helped him to amend the shop drawing; which made the design come to reality. The restaurant opened early 2019. We received an awe-inspiring appreciation from the owner and the customer.

  • Location: Doha,Qatar
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Area: Total 500 m²
  • Material: Chinese black marquina marble, Chinese white marble, Vietnam crystal white marble, Natural backlit agate panel, Turkey marmara equator marble
  • Application: Interior flooring & wall cladding, Interior columns & fountain, Interior feature wall