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Granite is a very durable stone that requires little maintenance; seal twice a year and clean regularly. And it’s naturally beautiful with unique elegant textures and colors. A multitude usages throughout your home and commercial granite architectural designs remain a popular choice. PFM offers customized slab and tile finishes and specializes in residence and commercial design guide. From fabrication to Installation, we will exceed your expectations.


Granite wall tile is a lightweight, 100% natural granite tile that cost less of resources in its manufacture, transport and installation. With a diverse color and face finishes, as well as its naturally stain resistant advantage and the simply care, granite allows you to create the effect you want.

PFM offers a complete range of granite options and onsite installation service, making it easy to find a perfect match for your choice.


With its strong durability and safety, granite countertops are nearly indestructible. Remodeling your kitchen with low maintenance granite has the highest return rate in the added market value for your home.

There's no wonder why many people think granite is the perfectest option for the kitchen’s applications. PFM has the perfect and fabricated gorgeous granite countertop for your project.


PFM supplies a wide assortment of colors and choices of granite tile, including interior flooring, paving stone, and kerb stone. Granite flooring is quite popular as flooring material due to the various points in its favour.

Granite paving and kerbstone offer a luxury finish to both contemporary and traditional settings. It is the perfectest choice if you're looking to add a modern look and feel to your outdoor space. Granite has very consistent color, PFM will combine with its tight grain and even texture, makes it particularly suitable for your modern project.


Granite inspiration is constantly being renewed to embellish interiors and exteriors. You can come in your dream by be inspired our reference.


Granite has consistent colors. According to its texture, feature, we can provide our advice for the interior or exterior application. Browsing our website, you can find the further information, free design consultation will be provided.

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