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PFM picture book:beautiful model house
PFM  Customize your house
Have a look at  PFM's  beautiful model homes, projects, and stone building materials.
You can download the catalog below.
PFM Natural Stone Material Collection 
1.Material collection:marble,granite,onyx , mosaic,precious stone 
  2.Medallion collection 

3.Fireplace collection

4.Statue and sculpture collection

Luxury Semi-Precious Stone Collection

1.Agate series 

2.Onyx series
3.Shell mosaic series product recommendations    
4.Appreciable variety product recommendations   

Luxury Custom Design Project Collection
1.Los Angeles Beverly Hills Vol.1, Vol.2,Vol.3,Vol.4,Vol.5  
2.Le Chateau Palace in Bucharest, Romania
3.Tajikistan Spa Hayot in Dushanbe
 4.Australia private House
5.Jaipur five star hotel in Jaipur, India
If you're in one of these cities
you can take a look our
 projects there.