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PFM Products Are Safe to Be Exported to Your Country

Time: 2020-02-25
Summary: Is PFM Product Safe? Absolutely! So far, zero suspected case and zero confirmed case of Covid-19 in Yunfu City. All the factories have made prevention and control measures, and all the workers are isolated for 14 days before return to work.
Since Jan of 2020, China has been attacked by Covid-19 disease and it has been spreading quickly among people. As you have seen in the news, it effected our life and work badly. In this situation, our overseas clients might ask: is it still safe to work with China? Are Chinese products safe to be sent to us ?  To answer these questions practically, I would like to state below: 

1.Survival time of Covid-19 is less than 7 days
Corona Virus will be surviving in less than 7 days if it’s attached in plastic, stone or wood. But from China to any other country will be around 15-30 days. That means there is no living environment for the virus at the destination.
2.Product and package are fumigated with certificate
Our products produced in China will be packed in natural wood cartons, before the wood cartons are loaded in container, we will do a process called fumigation. Fumigation is an action or process of disinfecting or purifying the products with the fumes of certain chemicals. This is to make sure all the bacteria or any living insects are killed in the wood before it’s getting into any other country. As well, fumigation is a high temperature process. 

So after fumigation process, our product is 100% clean and safe. We will receive a fumigation certificate which released from “ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUARANTINE OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA”.

3.Situation in China is under control
Report shows overall effected people number is decreasing quickly. We have reasons to believe this virus will be over by end of April. The city Yunfu where most of our products are being produced , there is zero suspected case and zero confirmed case. Plus, All the factories have made prevention and control measures, and all the workers are isolated for 14 days before return to work. 

From the above statement, we can come to the conclusion that PFM products are safe to be exported to your country.
However we do have 2 situations:
The exam and checking process may take longer than usual once the goods are arrive to your customs. This is a normal procedure. Your customs are taking extra care from Chinese products.  This is understandable. But it is also temporary case. Once the red alarm goes off, this will improve. 
Our production time may be longer than usual, as our workers are not 100% back to work, as well our transportation is being effected. However, our government is giving very strong support to this, and we are trying all the possibilities to catch back time lost. We are hoping Chinese market will get back to normal by end of April. 

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