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Customized Feasible Staircase Proposal For Client
Customized Feasible Staircase Proposal for Client
In order to explain more clearly how to make the marble stair based on original concrete structure, we make a 3D model of finished stair and provide sectional drawing of every part. Even personal house owner will understand how we will do the work with this proposal.
Design Reference from Client
Current Situation
1.There is differnce between CAD and real site
2.We don't have elevation drawing of the stair
--Thr crrent plan is not able to be used for quoting and producing
PFM Proposal Design
Above all,we customize a feasible proposal according to experience

Modeling Process
Staircase Structure-Part 01
Staircase Structure-Part 02
Staircase Structure-Part 03
Staircase Structure-Part 04

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