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Difference Of Marble Crystal Treatment and Mirror Treatment
Difference Of Marble Crystal Treatment and Mirror Treatment
When we talking about MARBLE stone care with people, We always pay particular attention to two key words, “crystal treatment” and “mirror treatment”. Some people usually confuse with them, but for a professional marble stone supplier, these words need to be distinguished.

Let see the differences between the marble crystal face and mirror face.

First of all, , we can understand the difference in literally.

Crystal: The crystal is grown from the liquid or gas phase.
Mirror: It is an instrument which used for reflection.

From the professional perspective, there are substantial differences between crystal treatment and mirror treatment.

Crystal Treatment: It is a chemical reaction. Because of the chemical and physical reaction, the stone surface is formed a hard and dense crystal layer. So that the stone is not easily damaged. It can also be understood as crystallization. After the hot saturated solution cooling, the solution will be crystallized. For example, the marble calcification, the granite silicification and etc. 

Mirror Treatment: It is a general term for all stone effects. Generally, the mirror surface is just by waxing.

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