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What are the benefits of crystal face treatment for natural stone flooring?
What are the benefits of crystal face treatment for natural stone flooring?

As high-grade natural stone flooring decorative materials, its structural components are more complex, it needs to carry out the necessary crystallization maintenance on a regular basis to ensure the decorative effect, to avoid the occurrence of cracks, surface peeling, loss of light, pollution, etc., and to extend the use of stone. Life expectancy, otherwise the decorative effect of the stone will be greatly reduced, and the stone will have a series of symptoms. Stone surface treatment is equivalent to the beauty restoration of stone. After hard treatment of the stone surface, the stone forms a hard crystal layer on the surface. The crystal layer not only improves the brightness of the stone, but also effectively protects the stone from abrasion and pollution.
A.National quality standard of floor crystal treatment
1. The stone surface is clean and tidy, the protection is intact and there is no damage.

2. The overall stone surface are delicate, oily, bright, Crystal clear.

3. The overall stone surface meter test average brightness of marble above 80 degrees, granite, quartz  and nano stone more than 75 degrees.

4. The overall stone surface shows the sucker slip effect.

5. The overall stone surface exhibits a lotus effect and waterproof.
B.What is the general maintenance period of crystal treatment?
1. Because of the small flow of people, generally once a quarter is appropriate for the villa.

2. The entrances and exits of hotels and commercial buildings are twice a week.

3. The hotel, commercial building, elevator hall and other public areas are once a week.

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